Forget the Russians. It’s us!

Forget the Russians. It’s us!

“Forget the hacking stuff. Forget the conspiracy stuff. Forget the Russians… the ballots being thrown out and disqualified by the tens of thousands swamps Trump’s plurality in several states.” Greg Palast

“Could the throwing out of absentee ballots been combined with knocking people off the voter rolls combined with not counting their provisionals account for that difference?  Joy Reid

President Trump and other Republicans are fond of justifying their (draconian anti people/environment corporate favoring) policies by pointing to the “strong” electoral win they had in the election. And they mock the press and pollsters for “getting it wrong”.

But the only thing they got wrong was not accounting for the votes that the GOP made sure wouldn’t be counted. Clearly an assault on our very sacred election process !

The voting was rigged, but not because of 3 million illegal votes, but because of millions of votes that were never counted!

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Under the guise of the Voter Integrity Project to prevent voter fraud, 30 (mostly Republican) states used the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program to suppress the votes of minorities. The Crosscheck program was supposed to check for voters registered in more than one state by comparing their first, middle and last names along with birth date and last 4 SSN.  A match would imply that a person was registered more than once and could possibly vote multiple times. However, a less stringent criteria was used resulting in millions of names being identified. So, for example, Willie Nelson was flagged on a false match with Willie Mae Nelson.

These “matches” were then sent to the various states, which then sent out a postcard to the address on the list. If the postcard wasn’t returned, they were purged from the voting rolls. Since the postcards looked a lot like junk mail, most were thrown out.  Then when the citizens showed up at the polls, they were either denied the right to vote or given a provisional ballot, of which most were never counted. Typically, the purges were mostly biased towards  minorities who tend to vote Democrat.

But if these votes were actually counted, the results would have been different. And they would have been closer to what the press and pollsters had forecasted !

Results of 2016 Election if Stolen Votes Had Been Counted

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If you think this illegal denial of citizen’s right to vote is wrong, contact your state and federal congressmen and women and insist that those involved be prosecuted.  And make sure that paper ballots are used in all future elections so that votes can be physically counted, re-counted and audited – just like in Canada!


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