The 6 Reasons Republicans Don’t Like Affordable Health Care

The 6 Reasons Republicans Don’t Like Affordable Health Care

Personally, as an independent business owner, the ACA helped me and my family.  I’m from Massachusetts and 5 years ago I shopped for health insurance and heard that in S Carolina it cost 1/3 as much. I wondered how that could be. Found out it was because their policies didn’t cover much – if you got sick, they dropped you and they had low maximum payouts. Massachusetts had regulations that were practical and protected buyers.

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The major benefit with ACA is that it sets minimum requirements so people buying it benefit and not just the insurance companie$.

I don’t understand why Republicans don’t understand this. I think the only people that don’t like the ACA are

  1. The health insurance industry and their management and stock holders
  2. People who are wealthy and can afford whatever
  3. People who are wealthy and want more tax breaks
  4. People who don’t have to pay for their health insurance
    • Paid by company they work for
    • Congress because US taxpayers pay for their insurance
  5. Congressmen who get lots of donations from the health care industry
  6. People who have never gotten sick or don’t have close friends or relatives that have gotten sick

But I thought congressmen were supposed to be working for US.

So why are they laughing so hard?


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